Macrame accessories

Welcome to my collection of macrame accessories

There are two ways of buying from me:

  1. You can visit my official Etsy shop here:  
  2. If you can’t find what you like on Etsy, contact me directly here – I will add the creation you like here on Etsy or you can pay via PayPal. The choice is yours, I am flexible.

Please scroll down to see all accessories available at that moment. 
You can also take a look in my SOLD OUT section,  I can make something that is already sold.


click here to open —–>>> E-cig macrame holder – Hippy Vaping! 


click here to open —–>>> Rollerball bottle holder/pouch/necklace with Labradorite


click here to open —–>>> Small Rollerball bottle holder/pouch/necklace



click here to open —–>>> Moonstone bottle with rose quartz and rhodonite beads.