Bohemian Shell

***Natural Shell Macramé – Sea Priestess Necklace ***

This one of a kind pendant is handmade, using macramé method, which involves a delicate and precise work of knotting. No metal used.

It will be sold on Auction for EVERY FEATHER & WILDLIFE RESCUE 
@everyfeather on FB  starting 11th NOVEMBER 2019   100% of the sale will benefit this Rescue!

Thank you!

– Natural seashell (glazed) collected from Devon Beach
– wooden, hand-painted beads
– Jute cord in natural colour.

The necklace is adjustable with a sliding knot (you can change the size by pulling)
It measures from 51 cm up to approximately 100 cm

Measurements of the shell:
9 cm long
9 cm wide
4 cm thick

The ocean’s healing energies are deeply ingrained in seashells which makes them the perfect tools for transformation and body sacredness. Using seashells in your holistic practice can ease tension, stress and even pain.
This shell is ideal to use when you wish to increase the flow of energy within your body as well as for balancing it.


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