Deer – the spirit of gentleness and softness. Wooden necklace.

DEER –  the spirit of gentleness and softness, a messenger, a shaman and femininity personified.
a shamanic power animal, spirit guide.
Unique, hand-knotted.

It will be sold on Auction for EVERY FEATHER & WILDLIFE RESCUE 
@everyfeather on FB  starting 11th NOVEMBER 2019   100% of the sale will benefit this Rescue!

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This one of a kind pendant is handmade, using macramé method, which involves a delicate and precise work of knotting.

– wooden beads
– wooden deer medallion (a real piece of wood and laser cut forest deer)
– finest quality cord (waxed) in brown colour

The necklace is adjustable with a sliding knot (you can change the size by pulling)

Measurements of the deer medallion
7,5 cm in diameter

The meanings associated with the deer combine both soft, gentle qualities with strength and determination:

  • Gentleness
  • Ability to move through life and obstacles with grace
  • Being in touch with the inner child, innocence
  • Being sensitive and intuitive
  • Vigilance, ability to change directions quickly
  • Magical ability to regenerate, being in touch with life’s mysteries

The deer spirit animal will remind you to be gentle with yourself and others. The grace and gentleness characteristic of this spirit animal echo the qualities brought forth when living from the heart. For example, the traditional symbol used for the heart chakra has the deer (sometimes also represented as an antelope) as an emblematic animal of the energy of love and harmony with oneself and others.

A great pendant to have always with you, especially when DEER is your power animal or spirit guide.

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