Rishi for Him

Meditating Rishi – Micro macramé pendant for Him, hypo-allergenic, polymer clay, Yoga, meditation, amulet for unique men. hand painted bead


£ 33

* ЯЇ$HЇУОGЇ * – Unique pendant for Him!

Polymer clay pendant with Macramé settings and faux bone tusk, Unique, handcrafted, made with Love and Passion.


– LINHASITA Waxed polyester cord in black colour.
– Polymer clay cabochon (handmade by me)
– Wooden beads
– Faux bone tusk

Cabochon is 3 cm x 3 cm.
Polymer clay medallion/cabochon is handmade by me. You won’t find another medallion like this. Each of my medallions is unique, hand painted and glazed.

Faux bone tusk is 8 cm long.

The necklace is adjustable (with a sliding knot easy to adjust) from 30 cm up to approximately 86 cm

Please feel free to ask me if you have any questions. 🙂

Thank you for watching!

with Light