Snowflake Obsidian AUM

Snowflake Obsidian – Special protection. AUM OM pendant. Unisex

This one of a kind necklace is handmade, using macramé method, which involves a delicate and precise work of knotting.

It will be sold on Auction for EVERY FEATHER & WILDLIFE RESCUE 
@everyfeather on FB  starting 11th NOVEMBER 2019   100% of the sale will benefit this Rescue!

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– Finest quality Brazilian cord (polyester waxed cord) in black, beige, blue and dark green colours.
– real turquoise stone teardrop beads
– blue glass beads
– 2 chrysocolla beads
– Snowflake Obsidian stone with sterling silver AUM OM symbol

The necklace is adjustable with a sliding knot (you can change the size by pulling)
It measures from 33cm cm up to approximately 55 cm

Measurements of the stone:
3.5 cm long
2.5cm wide
1.3 cm thick

Measurements of the necklace:
17 cm long
11.5cm wide

This Snowflake Obsidian stone is specially cleansed, energised and programmed with Reiki – The Healing Cosmic Energy to bring the best of its properties.

Snowflake Obsidian is a natural volcanic glass containing the mineral Cristobalite in the form of white “snowflake” crystal patterns.
It is used for protection from physical and emotional harm.

Snowflake Obsidian aids in disorders of the veins and the skeletal structure. It improves circulation and alleviates muscular aches.

This stone is calming and soothing. It teaches us to value mistakes as well as successes. A stone of purity, Snowflake Obsidian provides balance for body, mind and spirit. It helps us recognise and release “wrong thinking” and stressful mental patterns. It promotes dispassion and inner centring. Snowflake Obsidian empowers isolation and loneliness, aiding surrender in meditation.

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